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What is a Featured Streamer?

A Featured Streamer is just that. Someone who’s stream is featured! Right now featured streamers stream for 8 weeks on the calendar but as we grow, the requirements for becoming a featured streamer will change.

What are the benefits of being a Featured Streamer?

Benefits of being featured are having your stream ahead of regular streams. Right now, this means having your stream on the front page of WMW. In the future, we’ll have featured sections for each channel!

We also aim to promote you and your work on our social media accounts, and you have the opportunity to gain access to early invitations to classes and events.

How do I become a Featured Streamer?

Stream on the calendar 1 hour per week for eight weeks. It’s that simple. To get on the calendar, email to see if there are still FS spots available.

What happens If I want to be a Featured Streamer but I can't stream regularly

E-mail ahead! If you know you're going to miss your stream and you would still like to be a Featured Streamer please e-mail

If you miss three of your pre-determined stream times without contacting WMW before, or afterwards, you'll most likely be removed from the Featured Streamer list.

Can I get back on the list to be a Featured Streamer

Yes! Maybe. Ask us!



Please be kind and respectful to all the streamers as you browse around, sit in for a class, etc.

Don’t lurk, say something! Introduce yourself. It’s a friendly place and questions are welcome for all streamers.

If you like something someone is working on it is more than alright to ask if it is for sale and if the streamer you’re watching is available for commissions.

How do I Commission Someone?

Commissioning a creative person means that you would like to buy a piece of original work from them based on what you would like. It's like asking someone to draw a portrait of you and then you pay the artist so you can take it home and hang it on your wall.

What to Expect when Commissioning Art

There are a number of creative people you can commission: traditional artists, digital artists, 3D modelers, etc. but they all have one thing in common: They are human and you are hiring this human to work for you.

It is up to you and the creative person to work out the details of what you would like for your commission. Be as detailed as possible if you can but, if you're not sure what you'd like, you can always ask for some samples. Some creative people have samples already made, some do not. Some charge to make samples, some do not.

Be open and honest with the creative person and if you are unsure of something, just ask!

When commissioning a creative person you can ask them for a quote because chances are, even if they have a price list available, your piece may be a little bit more or a little bit less, depending on what you would like.

When you commission a creative person you are buying something from them for your personal use only, unless otherwise agreed upon by both sides. This means you do not have permission to resell/ reprint/ redistribute the piece that was made for you.

If you would like to resell/ reprint/ redistribute the piece made for you then both sides need to agree and sign a general contract with terms you both agree to. The creative person may also have an increased price for selling the rights of their work to you because they are doing just that: selling you the piece and all the rights to it. This is generally called 'work for hire' instead of being 'commissioned'.

What do I do if someone offers to Commission Art from Me?

Relax and play it cool. The artwork you make is yours and you can do what you see fit, including sell it!

When someone commissions you, they do not have permission to resell/reprint your artwork. It is illegal for the commissioner to profit from the art you created but, they can hang it in their house, at their office, etc., as long as it for personal use only.

It is up to you to reach an agreement with your commissioners. From multiple artist's experiences it is wise to require at least half payment up front, if not in full with a sketch, before the final piece is done. It is even better if you have a general contract that the commissioner signs so both of you have a receipt and an actual document should something go terribly terribly awry.

Never give someone a finished piece if they have not paid for it. It is entirely legal for you to keep the work that you did until you are paid for it. You do not owe the commissioner anything.

Commission Etiquette

Not all commissioners are familiar with how commissions work. It is more than acceptable to give them a general contract to read over with examples of previous commissions and prices.

Work for Hire

When someone wants you to do a 'work for hire' job, that means something very different from being commissioned: if you work for hire the things you create do not remain your own. Your employer claims the rights to what you create while working for them within the terms of a written and agreed upon contract.

This is not an inherently bad thing. Many people who work for comic companies are under contract for work for hire.


Did you know that some WMW music composers will let fellow WMW streamers use their music? Well, now you do! The following creators will allow their music to be used on your stream but be sure to show the love and mention their name or give them credit somewhere on your stream or profile. If you’re a musician and want your name included in the list email

All of the music is available on each composer's SoundCloud- you can make a free account and create a playlist of your favorite songs from each one:
Bryn Martin
James Tweedie
Chris Weiher has music you can use for your stream without asking the composer's permission as long as they have a certain license. However, you must give credit to the composer of the music you are listening to no matter what by including the title, author, source and license, which can be found on each composer's profile.

If you stream to more than one avenue and have tips/donations/receive funds of any kind there are two sets of licenses to keep in mind:

Music licenses that do allow for streaming even if you receive donations:
Public Domain

Music licenses that do not allow for streaming if you receive donations:
FMA-Lmited download only license

If you receive tips while you stream it is considered commercial. The music you play could help contribute to people sending you donations or buying commissions.

All the NC licenses are not completely restricted. You need to contact the composer and ask their permission/sign a license agreement if you want to use their music while you stream and receive donations.

Licenses can be purchased from composers who create a license contract. The contract could be a one time purchase or act more like a subscription, it is up to you to discuss the details with the composer.


We recommend you add your own watermarks to your work to prevent plagarism and avoid posting full size resolutions of a piece of work.

What is WatchMeWork?

Good question.

WMW is a collaborative on-line work space with the goal of collaboration and education of our users! We’re a community of novices, educators and professionals coworking with one another to learn through live-streaming and sharing our work.

Can I customize my profile on WMW?

As we’re in beta, we’re adding new features including the ability to customize your profile with background information, chat rules, your social media accounts and more. Expect new features weekly!

What’s up with the recorded videos?

All the livestreams are recorded by default using Hangouts on Air and Youtube Livestreaming. By default each time you stream, your stream is recorded and saved to your WMW profile and Youtube accont. Users have the ability to delete the videos from their WMW profile, and/ or make delete the videos from their Youtube accounts or make them private.

Do I need software to stream?

No! You can get started without installing any software using Google Hangouts on Air.

How do I stream?

Getting a stream started for the first time is by no means a one click process, but it does get easier after the first go. We have instructions and a how-to video to show you how to get your first stream started.

WMW has made and collected a number of videos on YouTube to help you get started streaming along with a list of free software you can use: OBS, XSplit, Infiniscene, or Joicaster

You can also download this PDF to help you with the process.

Why is there a delay between my stream and the conversation in the chat?

Live streams typically have a delay between 10-30 seconds betwen broadcaster and viewere. This is due to the way Google hangouts and YouTube handle online streams. Delay times vary based on the uploader’s bandwidth and upload speed and the speed between their location and the closest RTMP location. Depending on they way you work, it can be advantageous for the streamer to have a longer delay as he or she can get more work done before its seen by the viewer and it slows down interruptions. If you love this or hate this, we want to know!

What do I do if I accidentally share something on my desktop that I didn’t mean to?

Because each user’s videos are connected to their Youtube account, simply log in to your account and either delete that video or make it private. It will cease to exist on Watch Me Work as well!

I'm having issues with my stream. My stream is showing up for me but not for other people.

If you are having issues starting a stream, or during a stream, you can checkout our troubleshooting guide to help you fix the most common issues quickly!

If you are streaming live but your stream is not showing up on Watchmework, you may need to follow this guide to setup Google Adsense for embedding streams.